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Asal Ara production range includes Gate valves , Globe valves and Check valves from DN ΒΌ " to 2" , class ANSI 800 , 1500 and 2500 Lbs , full / or reduced bore in any kind of materials . The constructing systems are bolted and welded Bonnet and materials used , meet the applicable codes ( API , BS , ASTM , ASME , etc. ) and comply with other requirements of Asal Ara s specification . All Asal Ara valves are tested and supplied with certified test reports which include chemical and mechanical properties and hydrostatic - pneumatic pressure test. Technical and general properties of products are as follow:



1- Valves: Gate ,Globe, Check Valves
2- Size : DN 1/4" to 2"
3- Pressure class: ANSI 800,1500,2500 lbs
4- Standards of design and construction: API 602, BS 5352
5- Standard of tests: API 598
6- Port type: Standard or Reduced Bore
7- Body & Bonnet Connection: Bolted or Welded
8- Material of Body and Bonnet: Carbon steel, Killed carbon steel, Alloy steel, Stainless duplex steel, Nickel steel, etc.
9- Kind of Trims: F6, 304, 316, Hardfaced, Monel, Alloy, etc.
10- Connection to pipe: Socket welded or Screwed
11- Changeability of packing: Suitable for repacking under pressure when fully open





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